• Sunset Sound System


8/21/16Sunset Summer Boat PartySan Francisco SpiritSan Francisco
7/22/16Sunset Campout 2016Belden TownBelden
4/17/16Sunset Sound System Love International...San Francisco SpiritSan Francisco
10/25/15Sunset Halloween Costume Boat PartyThe San Francisco BelleSan Francisco
9/27/15Sunset Season Closer in the Park +...Sunset Party, Stafford LakeNovato
7/17/15Sunset Campout 2015Belden TownBelden
5/17/15Sunset Island 2015: an electronic music...San Francisco Treasure IslandSan Francisco
3/22/15Sunset Season Opener Celebrating the...Stafford Lake ParkNovato
2/15/15Sunset Sound System Valentine Formal...SF
1/01/15Sunset Sound System New Years Day Dance...MezzanineSan Francisco
7/25/14Sunset Campout 2014Belden TownBelden
6/14/14Sunset Island: an electronic music...Treasure IslandSan Francisco
1/01/14Stompy Sunset: New Years Day 2014Cafe CocomoSan Francisco
10/27/13Sunset Halloween Boat PartySan Francisco SpiritSan Francisco
9/29/13Sunset Music Picnic - Season CloserStafford Lake ParkNovato
7/19/13Sunset CampoutBelden TownBelden
5/26/13STOMPY+SUNSET:Memorial Weekend Get DownCafe CocomoSan Francisco
5/05/13Sunset Spring Boat Party + After-Party!San Francisco SpiritSan Francisco
4/07/13Sunset Season OpenerStafford Lake ParkNovato
9/30/12Sunset Music PicnicStafford Lake ParkNovato
9/02/12Stompy + Sunset : Labor of LoveCafe CocomoSan Francisco
8/19/12Sunset Summer Boat PartySan Francisco SpiritSan Francisco
7/13/12SUNSET CampoutBelden TownBelden
6/10/12SUNSET Island: an electronic music...Treasure IslandSan Francisco
5/27/12STOMPY+SUNSET with: RADIO SLAVE & ALEX...Cafe CocomoSan Francisco
4/01/12SUNSET (After)Party with SASCHA DIVE!MonarchSan Francisco
12/11/11Sagittarius Soiree - "40 Years of BS...Social Kitchen and BrewerySan Francisco
1/08/11The 9th Annual Capricorn Party with...MightySan Francisco
1/01/11Stompy +Sunset New Years Day 1-1-11Cafe CocomoSan Francisco
9/30/10Throwing ShapesShineSan Francisco
9/25/10SUNSET Party! ...A Civic Picnic +...San Francisco City HallSan Francisco
9/05/10STOMPY/SUNSET 'Labor of Love' w/Pepe...Cafe CocomoSan Francisco
7/16/10Sunset CampoutBelden TownBelden
7/04/10STOMPY/SUNSET "IndepenDance" Cafe CocomoSan Francisco
5/13/10Beat Lover's ThursdaysMonkey ClubSan Francisco
5/02/10Sunset Boat PartySan Francisco SpiritSan Francisco
4/25/10Sunset: Season OpenerStafford Lake ParkNovato
2/14/10Stompy + Sunset Valentine's Day w/...Cafe CocomoSan Francisco
1/01/10STOMPY + SUNSET: New Year's Day 2010Cafe CocomoSan Francisco
10/25/09Sunset Halloween Costume Boat PartySan Francisco SpiritSan Francisco
10/18/09Sunset Party - Season FinaleGolden Gate ParkSan Francisco
9/06/09Stompy + Sunset: Labor D' AmourCafe CocomoSan Francisco
4/26/09SUNSET Boat Party! + AfterpartySan Francisco SpiritSan Francisco
4/18/09The Show - 5th Annual Aries BdayThe End UpSan Francisco
2/15/09Stompy + Sunset : Valentine LoveCafe CocomoSan Francisco
10/31/08Inferno ParadisoRegency CenterSan Francisco
10/26/08Sunset Halloween Boat PartySan Francisco SpiritSan Francisco
9/20/08South Beach/Mission Bay Street FairSan Francisco
9/14/08Sunset - Get out and vote!San Francisco
8/31/08STOMPY + SUNSET: labor of loveSan Francisco
8/17/08Pacificsound.net presents SUNSETStafford Lake ParkNovato
7/20/08Sunset Boat PartySan Francisco SpiritSan Francisco
7/04/08Sunset Independence DayJelly'sSan Francisco
6/22/08Sunset Summer Solstice CelebrationSan Francisco
5/25/08Stompy & SunsetCafe CocomoSan Francisco
12/31/07Stompy/Sunset New Year's DayCafe CocomoSan Francisco
12/13/03GiveShadow LoungeSan Francisco
12/29/00Le FreakSpace 550San Francisco
12/31/69SUNSET Season Opener 
12/31/69Slide w/ Alexander East 
12/31/69SUNSET Season Re-Opener + After-Party 
12/31/69Pacific Sound Solstice Underground 
12/31/69SUNSET Full Moon Boat Party w/TRAXX +... 
12/31/69Love Degrees Campout 
12/31/69PacificSound EQUINOX Underground 
12/31/69Pacificsound.net presents SUNSET 
12/31/693rd Annual SUNSET Music & Arts Picnic +...